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What is Broadband Internet?

Originally "Broad Bandwidth," broadband was shortened to make it sound as cool as it really is. Yea, broadband is pretty cool. It is a type of telecommunication that utilizes several data channels to transfer a large amount of information via cables and to your screen. Nifty, eh? There are several types of broadband Internet including Cable Internet and DSL. Speeds vary by provider as do features and pricing, but all of these services are worlds away from that pesky dialup.

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We're a generation (or several) of people who want the most for our money, and why shouldn't we? We work hard so we might as well spend wisely and get the best return our investments, however materialistic they may seem initially. That's why you should do your research and really aim to get the most out of your Internet service package. That means the fastest speeds, the best service and the most savings!