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The BEST Internet Service Provider

There's some steep competition. Providers are vying for the top spot and for your money, so which one should you go with? Well, that my friend is a function of what, exactly, you're expecting. If you are looking for super fast speeds because you're a serious gamer, do a lot of downloading or are just an adrenaline freak you'll probably be spending a whole lot more money than someone who wants good service and a really great price.

Get a Little Customer Service for Your Trouble

One thing undoubtedly more frustrating than a crummy Internet connection is an Internet service provider (ISP) who lacks actual customer service standards. After all, who are you going to call when your Internet is down, again? If you're like many people, you're going to be calling an unintelligible computer that can't figure out exactly what you're calling about. The feeling is beyond frustrating. So take a hint, look for the provider with the best customer reviews, the best satisfaction policies (if any) and service guarantees. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Service Provider Extras are a Nice Touch

They're like the mint on your hotel pillow, the sticky coupon on your gallon of milk, the first class upgrade on your flight to Chicago. Extras sure aren't expected (unfortunately) but they're really nice. Some companies go a little further to make a really good impression, so why should your Internet service provider? Unique email accounts, anti-virus and spam protection software and other little goodies are a nice touch. The providers who provide those will do a lot to keep your business, and that means keeping you happy.